This is a summary of philosophical truths, explained for my simple commonplacing and your public consumption. Consult my method to see how I built it.








Society’s Universals


Animal Perception

  • Feelings aka Sensations, Emotions, Sentiments
  • Fear aka Pain, Death, Scarcity, Survival, Fight-or-Flight, Restlessness
  • Trust aka Implicit Trust, Faith
  • Trauma aka PTSD, Offense, Past Pain, Regret, Tragedy
  • Safety aka Security, Risk
  • Quality aka Beauty, Aesthetics, Art, Value

Subconscious Perception

  • Certainty aka Luck, Boldness, Beliefs, Hope
  • Purpose aka Desire, Wants, Amusement, Games, Play, Work
  • Meaning aka Fulfillment, Satisfaction, Enjoyment
  • Symbols aka Patterns, Rhythms, Connections
  • Humor aka Comedy, Levity, Amusement
  • The Unknown aka Mystery, Chaos, Void, Darkness, Shroud

Habitual Components

  • Habits aka Routine, Ritual
  • Addiction aka Worship, Obsession, Idolatry
  • Morality aka Morality, Virtue, Goodness, Ethics


Conscious Perception

  • Image aka Bias, Perception, Impression
  • Gender aka Sex, Sexuality
  • Values aka Grouping, Chunking, Abstraction, Order
  • Stories aka Narrative, Connections, Tales, Lore, Sequence
  • Maturity aka Growth, Development, Youth, Aging

Processed Thoughts

  • Power aka Ownership, Capability, Control
  • Logic aka Analysis, Rationalization, Sense
  • Language aka Communication, Expression, Speech, Text
  • Math aka Quantity, Calculations, Statistics, Number Theory
  • Understanding aka Experience, Wisdom, Skill, Learning, Education
  • Identity aka Focus, Association, Affiliation





  • Conversation aka Connection, Teaching, Interacting, Communication
  • Influence aka Social Change, Sophistication, Leadership
  • Boundaries aka Agreements, Contracts, Payments, Interpersonal Conflicts, Coexistence
  • Friendship aka Human Connection, Companionship, Marriage
  • Justice aka Rights, Equality, Fairness, Liberty
  • Slavery aka Oppression, Subordination
  • Pedagogy aka Teaching, Education

Social Groups

Large Social Groups


Why This Site? + Attribution

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  • It’s a visual representation of Gained, In, and Site (GIS), but merged together through intricacies to represent the absurdly complex machinations of this thing we call “existence”.

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